Begin again

I thought it was time to begin again…
“It’s interesting, isn’t it, to watch this character attempting to reconstruct herself, quite literally, in the midst of this chaos?” 
Liz KayMonsters

In summary…

I started this blog in 2011, and it was fun, and it was my space, and I loved it but then life happened. When “Life; the ugly, real, teary, snot running down your nose, what the hell am I going to do next” part of it hits you, you have a choice, do I keep building or in the case of a true self sabotager, do I destroy in retaliation because life. I love doing and making stuff even if its for me alone to see, so I chose the latter, I chose to kill everything and live in a dead space, no life space, reality space. Sometimes reality kills the dream especially when you don’t use it to fuel you. Unnecessary, drawn out mumbling aside, I admit I quit, but now I’m starting again and that’s what matters, the picking back up.

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