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“Walking: it hits you at first like an immense breathing in the ears. You feel the silence as if it were a great fresh wind blowing away clouds. There’s the silence of woodland. Clumps and groves of trees form shifting, uncertain walls around us. We walk along existing paths, narrow winding strips of beaten earth. We quickly lose our sense of direction. That silence is tremulous, uneasy. Then there’s the silence of tough summer afternoon walks across the flank of a mountain, stony paths, exposed to an uncompromising sun.” 

What do you do when you need to get away.
Thai is an outfit/not only outfit post.
Do you ever have days when you just can’t anymore, most times for no particular reason at all but you’ve just overexerted your life force and are on the brink of standing defeated. For me when I have hit empty, there are very few things that fill me up better than running (walking in this case) off to some secluded spot and walking for hours just to clear  my mind. There is nothing like getting lost in the wild to fill you up with healthy life perspective again.
This day, I wasn’t even dressed for the occasion, everyday to me no matter what I do is a reason to dress up, and there is nothing some refined layers wont do to make you look and feel good, I wore this outfit bushwalking. Not the most comfortable but its what I had at the time and it was good.
Is not about that though, Its about doing what you need to do in the moment when you need to, no matter if you are ready to encounter the moment or not. whatever it is, don’t ignore it or wait for the appropriate time, there never is such a time.
What do you do to refresh yourself when you are feeling low.

Lydz xx

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