Carmen Sandiego

Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego?

Remember this show? It has nothing to do with this mini campaign but everything to do with the inspiration for it. I remember something switched in me. Maybe I’ve explained a few posts back why I left blogging even though it treated me really well, if not, I will in due time. Let me explain why I decided to come back.

I was suffocating under the weight of the choices I made in deciding the direction my life was going to be headed into. I own up to my choices, but they were not the right ones. In short, I chose to be my worst enemy and kill my dreams and everything I ever hoped to achieve, for the “american dream”. I posted this picture on instagram, and it was a turning moment for me creatively. This day, I made up my mind to not be afraid. I was going to create something, anything. I packed a bag and trekked down to the most beautiful place I could think of and just got creative. It changed my confidence in my work and made me realize that I like the way I create and think. It turned out beautifully and even though the quality of images could have been better, I was proud. I found what I always loved doing again and my approval was the only approval I needed. I came back to blogging because I love making dreamy situations come to life, whether by myself or in collaboration with good friends.
If you don’t read this, I hope you enjoy the pictures. 

Pants – Armani
Top – Prettylittlething
Hat – Hm
Bag – Vinnies

Lydz xx

Hi this is Lydz. Thank you for reaching this far. Don’t leave without showing some love and I will show some back xx

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