Floral empire and making plans

This was a good day.

Jonathan (my partner in crime in our imaginary company) and I had a fun shoot we collaborated on together a couple of weeks back. He shot and I styled. It was a hot, semi long, but so satisfying day and the images we shot with the model and a friend came out amazing. She is gorgeous and a natural, so it made the job so much easier. We had a bit of time afterwards, so in essence this shoot was part of the plan, but almost didn’t go ahead. This was because we were mostly there to work on our shoot and were really tired after a productive day.
Thank goodness we stuck to the plan. We scouted a really cute home, so bright and cheerful, I refreshed my very tired face, and 15 minutes later this is the result. That is how well we work together. If you care to zoom in you’ll see my mega eye bags if that is what you’re into . After these, It felt like an accomplishment, and it was a double successful day. This was staged in front of a beautiful home, that happened to match my outfit so perfectly.
Enjoy the mega collision of color.
Before I leave I will encourage you to have a plan. Stick to it when it is necessary, but also be flexible when it comes to changing a few things here and there. Be open to the fact that plans can change. Without warning, for the good or bad. You have to be prepared and alright with that. We had a plan that were were willing to give up on, but ended up tweaking it and still came away with something. I’m talking too much about this, but I really love these pictures. They have a mood and I love the vibe evoked in them.
Top- Vinnies
Pants- HM (similar) and worn (here)
Shoes- Zara (old)
Lydz xx

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