La vie en rose

I used to hate pink…

I grew up the biggest tomboy of life, blue and red were everything, climbing trees was the only goal I had and boys were better than girls. And then a second round of puberty happened. From the lightest pastels to the loudest neon pop, girls, guys, young, old and everyone in between, pink exploded all over the runways. There is something to be said about subliminal messages and the effect continuous exposure to something can alter your state of mind. Without getting too weird about it, Pink is cool and its not lame to say you like it #notetoself. Its about owning your pretty and not necessarily a feminine kind, whatever it means to you. Will it overtake my obsession with all other colours?, not even, but it has wormed its way into my hard heart and is here to stay for a while at least.

Lydz xx

Hi this is Lydz. Thank you for reaching this far. Don’t leave without showing some love and I will show some back xx

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