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 This year I challenged myself to read more.

 I was on a roll in the beginning, its so much easier to do stuff at the start when its fresh and new. It was summer holidays so between working I had a lot of free time to pursue things I wanted to get through and accomplish some personal goals. Reading and working on creative projects was a big one of those. I moved to a beautiful new area, which added to the motivation.
 As time goes on and responsibilities pick back up again, it gets harder to make time for the things you like vs the things you have to do to get by. A lot of the things  needed for my soul dropped away with neglect, and come to think of it that is why I have been feeling in a funk as of late.
I’ve come up with a plan to get back on track to be able to do the things that I have to do and do the things that I need to do.
1. Make a realistic plan including other responsibilities and be intentional to sticking to it. 

The responsibilities will be there. But in making a plan, I make sure to schedule time to do the things I have to do for me. Even with reading 30 minutes a day during a work break is so doable. Just decide if it’s a priority or not.

2. Prioritise your time to be able to make the time you need. 

We all have the same time. Some people just do better with theirs. What can I do to be a better steward of mine?

 3. Don’t be so hard on yourself

Life comes in ebbs and flows. Some seasons you will be able to do so much more than what you can in other seasons. Its not a competition. Do it because it is what you need, not because its a race and you feel like you should compete. Do the best you can when you can. Make sure that even when the lull comes, it doesn’t lead you to completely neglect the things that give your soul life. Fight for the necessary

4. Pray

Very self explanatory.

When I don’t know, which is all the time, I go to the one who does. He gives me peace to carry on.

 Whatever you decide, be true to you first.

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