10 things I Regret

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This is about the top 10 of things I wished I did differently.

I’m talking about regret.

You know how they say with regret and healing in order to be free from something, you have to get it out of your system.

Write it out, and it becomes powerless. I’m hoping the same will work in terms of regret. That when I see them written down and on a public platform they will lose their power to cause disappointment, and just become a hurdle that I overcame.

 1. I wish I called my dad

I remember my mum always telling me to call my dad. Just to talk. I think she knew this day would come. Before he passed, I wish I called just to have a final memory of something to remember him by. The last sound of his voice or his belly deep laughter. I know it would have been a small comfort. I have a letter from him he wrote to me years ago. When I read it, I hear him so that is good. Celebrate them before they are gone. Trust me, don’t think twice about it. I regret not making the time to sit and just talk.

2. I wish I believed what I was capable of, sooner.
  1. You know when you’re younger, and people tell you stuff and all the things you will be, if you apply yourself. I wish I believed it, and walked in it. I talking like an old lady, which I am not. But I wish I did the things I knew I could and, that I’m doing now, sooner. The biggest thing I regret consequently, is not not walking in my abilities because, they are not a new revelation to me.
     3. I wish I loved me, and self sabotaged less

    I wish I knew that, that path would lead me to a dead end. That loving who God made me would be the only way to thrive. That He made me the way I am, for a reason. That He didn’t make mistakes and never does. That I could have asked Him and He would have told me about me. My one regret with this is, not loving me sooner that I did. I do now.

     4. I wish I wasn’t afraid

    Fear stopped me from so many opportunities that would have placed me in a different space than I am now if I had surrendered to them. I didn’t think I was good enough and I was afraid of messing it up. Messing it up is better that not doing anything at all. I wish I jumped head first, when I had the chance. Thank God for redemption, and that it is never too late and life comes back full circle. I regret not saying yes to opportunities and thinking about the consequences after.

5. I wish I prayed more
  1. you know the saying that goes something like “what if you received everything you prayed for yesterday” and, vice versa. Would you pray more? I know there is so much I could be praying about that I don’t. I’m for one am challenging myself to pray more. I regret not believing in the power of prayer, and waiting till I’m in a crisis to use it.

6. I wish I enjoyed childhood more
  1. Adulthood hits you like a speeding train man. Nothing in life can prepare you. The lessons your parents teach, are a guide and can get you further than not having them but experience is the only way you will know. Shucks, (South African saying), it’s a trip. I wish I enjoyed the simpler times, of no responsibilities and nonstop play and fun. The good thing is, I actually had a childhood of lots of play and simplicity and fun times. I’m grateful. I should have been playing that much more and regret wanting to be grown up so fast.

7. I wish I did more

Life is busy so, I do a lot now, but there was a time that I was so paralyzed by life and my remedy to that was to sit back and do nothing. What a waste of time. A commodity that you can’t get back. Its cliche but don’t waste your time. Spend it on worthwhile pursuits and things and people. That toy wont regret. Just do something worthwhile with it. I regret not pushing myself to do more.

8. I wish I partied less

Everything in moderation, and too much of what is not so bad could become bad. . I wasted time partying and wasting my life. All I have is memories that, I’m for the most part not proud of . They were an illusion of fun in the moment, but that leave no legacy worth mentioning. For me at least. Everybody however, is different. I wish I understood the value of time and that there is a time for everything.

 9. I regret, not using my gifts and being embarrassed by them.

I have been doing the same things for years. Creating almost the same stuff. I am definitely not a one hit wonder. 10000 hours is my life motto for a reason.

Read about the concept if you have time because, it will change your life while leaving you encouraged. I have been at it for a while and, wish I wasn’t ashamed of all the gifts God blessed me with. In the past I wish I was proud and more shameless about them. I am now. They are who I am. Who I have always been. What you seeing now, has been happening for a long time so, and now as a result, I’m just not afraid to share anymore. I am a shameless plugger. One day it will all pay off. I wish I was the way I am now about my gifting, then.

10. I regret being such a people pleaser

This should have been my number one, but I needed a strong ending. Man, what a waste of time and your precious reserves. Everything I did revolved around people and what they would think of me. I regret wasting so much energy trying to be everything, to everyone. No one can be that. That too much to ask of a person.

Life hack:

People will always think something of you. Why you trying to control people. Live your life whatever that looks to you. Live it strong, live it long and, live it very well.

I have to say, as a matter of fact, I don’t really regret anything actually because, It made me every inch of the human I am.

I am me because, of all of the lessons I learnt while going through them.

Just as life comes full circle eventually, this write-up also comes full circle. I don’t regret a thing.At all. The way I did things, whilst it could be tweaked, all the gold in my life comes from these beautiful experiences. I have done the best I could and, have lived, I have learnt, and I will do better with all my tomorrows. Thankfulness is my portion and, and most of all, I am beyond grateful, that at my age this is my resolve.

My resolve finally is, I am very grateful.

Lydz xx

Hi this is Lydz. Thank you for reaching this far. Don’t leave without showing some love and I will show some back xx

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