Finding your passion and green overload

This post has got absolutely nothing to do with anything french.

Wearing a red beret does not a French[WO]man make.

Just so we have that out of the way. Rather, I’m talking finding your passion, and most importantly my own.

The ‘P’ word, Passion. I have been on a quest to find what drives me, what makes me tick, what would if given the choice, be the thing that woke me up everyday and gave me purpose. What is my purpose, is it one thing, is it multiple things because were so layered and multifaceted as humans. Can we be boxed in by one thing, who said there has to be one, How do you know when you have the “ONE” and many more pressing questions  that run through this head of mine. What the heck is my passion?

As one does when there is an impending crisis that needs attention, I ran to ted talks for the an answer. And also as one does I drifted off into my head and forgot what I was there for in the first place. I’m sitting here to answer that question in my own way in the way that seems true to me.

After taking inventory of my life, I have a better idea of my passions and what I need to do in order to fully be living them out.

This is my [note to self] edition of finding your passion and actually following through.

Its starts by asking myself a few questions and actually considering the answers.

  1. When I look at my life, what do I do that I don’t need to be asked to do?
  2. Which are the things that come naturally that I don’t have to overthink
  3. What have I done for so long and taken for granted that I failed to see it as my passion
  4. Is there something I would I give life and limb for ( not literally of course), unless…
  5. How and what could I imagine myself doing years down the line.

When you think of this, I’m not talking about in sense of a job. But if your job is your passion, so much power to you, I pray to reach that level soon.

I am talking about the thing that I do that don’t have outcome externally in the beginning stages.

For me. You don’t have to ask me once to create something, anything. I have been doing it for so long that I failed to think about what it actually is in my life. When I don’t  make or do something,  my skin crawls and I go into emotional crisis mode. I can see the seasons in my life where I was stagnant in my output of the things that I love. When I didn’t create I walked around like there was a constant death in the family . you know that mood. I know it,that is for sure. It is a weight. An actually burden that you see manifested in your body, in your posture, in your eyes . Its not healthy .

There was. A death of my creative flow, a stagnation of ideas and a ending of what never had a chance to begin.

Please don’t do that. It changes you for the worst. Whatever you are called to do. Do it, no matter what. You are better for it. There are signs that tell when you don’t do it. You are a fraction of the person you could have been if you were diligent with making it happen. For e.g for me I love to take pictures, to write, and other fun things. I love to create anything. Am I a professional? In no way shape or form, but that doesn’t make my work any less valid. Its mine, from me and most of the time for me. I have a lot  that has never been seen and will never see the light of day. But when I look back at it, it speaks of time and progression and change.

All the things I love to do now remind me of childhood. Of how I loved them then and now. They show me how with time, I have gotten better. They remind me of people and places that no longer exist anymore. The have so much weight in them that its a shame to let them die.

In all of that I conclude that to find your passion, look to the past, consider the present and anticipate the future. Eliminate what you hate (no don’t quit your job), just make sure you fight for the thing that make you, you. Make time, make time, make time. That is all

Back to this outfit, is there ever a time when there can be too much green?


Bottoms:H&M (worn here)

shoes and beret; H&M


Lydz xx

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