From dusk till dawn: The maxi knit

Let the winter funk begin

It is the unawaited, official start of the cold weather here in beautiful Sydney. Despite the cold, it is so gorgeous out when the sky is blue, and the sun is shining. Makes winter not seem as bad as it actually is. Don’t be fooled, Its cold friends.

I don’t know if anyone goes through it, but right as the start of the cold season, everything in my life goes out of whack. My weight sky rockets, my mood plummets and my style takes a nose dive. Before you send thought and prayers, this is a annual occurrence and it will pass, real soon and all the side effects along with it.

We’ve been here before.

Im learning to embrace it and all that come with it. Slowly, as the skin stretches and the growing pains cease, I come into what will carry me through the next few months. Before I get too deep, lets lighten this up by saying,

Invest in a maxi knit dress.

Trust me, transitional weather you will thank you.

I got this a few years ago, and it is one of the things I continuously reach for at the same time of year without fail.

I present to you,

a day in the life of my maxi/knit dress situation

When I am bloated, I can pair it with some cute shoes and accessories like this hat from H&M, and call it a day and still feel dressed up and like I tried.

When its colder, I chuck on my shaggy jacket or trench or leather jacket, a warm scarf, a sneaky pair of jeans underneath and finish it off with my thigh high boots. Fool proof warm outfit.

At night, especially when Im lazy and  really pushing my luck, I will carry it into a dinner occasion, with some cute heel boots and jacket. Full day sorted.

Maxi knit: H&M (similar)



Lydz xx

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