The light that autumn brings and how I self care

playing with shadows in the autumn sun, sun hat, brown skin.

Oh Autumn you are wild, and fiery and very very promising.

As good as autumn is, that is not the topic I am here to discuss.

I’m talking a new approach to self care.playing with shadows in the autumn sun, sun hat, brown skin.

Today Is self care Friday.

Will it be a thing in theses parts? Time will definitely tell.

Today I woke up as I have been lately. Either in a dramatic frenzy of not knowing how to get my life on the path I need it to have been by now and the other being in such a haze, that it gives me a pass to be lazy, because I’m “not feeling it”.

Now you like me are wondering, how we got here. No one really wants to know what you are feeling when you wake up. We all feel things, and I get it. But that thought is what leads me to the next part.

As the great instagram philosopher, Will Smith said in one of his many inspiring insta stories, “self discipline is self care”. It hit me so hard. I’m sure like me, you were looking for the cushy encouragement we have all heard associated with self care, along the lines of, when your’e feeling out of it, have a long bath, treat yourself, say self affirming things to yourself and so on. While there is nothing wrong with all of those, and they are very healing , the effects don’t last long. I have been there and have self soothed many a time. But I have never moved on from that cycle because could there be more? As in there such a thing as hard parts of self care?

For example, like that quote, self discipline as insulting as it sounds, is loving yourself to a higher standard. If you don’t push yourself to be disciplined in life, who will? I have many instances where I failed at things purely on the fact that I lacked discipline. People can carry you, but there comes a time that you have to be an adult. Being an adult means that sometimes, I am all I’ve got.

Another addition to the tough love of self discipline is to own up to your life and where you are. My head can be buried in the sand all day and point fingers, but where will that get me. Taking care of me and my choices and responses is good for me. Changing my perspective is good for me. Owning up to everything about me is step 1 of taking my power back. Its hard and I am very much writing to myself, but I know the reward will be worth it. I’m writing this¬† to hold myself accountable. This is self care.

Your thoughts?

These self portrait pics were taken in my kitchen with the beautiful shadows of the trees in the glorious autumn light.


Scarf: Vintage



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