A girls guide to pleats and wearing clothes.

This is a how to manual on,

how to wear pleats and everything else.

In this time in the world where everyone and their feline is an expert at something, I thought I would put in my 2 cents, and give you a comprehensive guide on how to wear pleats and other stuff. You know, since were all bubbling cauldrons of advice and wisdom and guidelines, especially for women. The worlds loves to tell women how to look. I am convinced majority of the narrative is pushed by old men who don’t even have a clue, about clues. But back to my comprehensive guide.

How to wear pleats and everything else….

step 1:

Open your wardrobe

Step 2:

Pick them up. Whatever “them” looks like for that day. You know, the mood.

Step 3:

Put them on your body. Whatever body you have because, it is perfect.

Step 4:

Examine that you look good and are dressed appropriately

Step 5:

Walk out the door and own your day

I just wasted your time.

The moral of all that is, stop shaming bodies, stop telling people what to do, Stop policing women, stop, stop, stop.

And this is not a call to be out of control . I am as modest as they get and I have no shame. That is just me. But it gets exhausting seeing the narrative being shoved down our throats, from every direction of what we are supposed to look like. I know you say, if you don’t want to see it stop looking at it. But you can’t escape it, It is everywhere. On our timelines, bus stops and just about every advertisement you will see. There is no on type fits all mode for every woman. 3,770,429,162. That is approximately how many beautiful women exist in the world at this moment in time. That is a lot. Compared to the less that 1% of humans who feel the need to be in control.


Love your body, take care of your body, and do with it whatever God created you to do with it.

And now, more pictures of pleats.

Sorry, theses golden pants are old and I don’t remember where I got them.

Top is a Diy

Earnings: Hm


Lydz xx

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