The process of a seed

Green Aloe plant against a terracotta coloured wall with vines

There is this quote,

that I have seen on the internet that goes something like this. ” When you are in  a dark place, you sometimes think you have been buried. Have you ever thought, that maybe, you have been planted?”

 The seed

I wish I knew who the original author was. There are a few variations of the same quote, but regardless it is powerful.
 I have always been obsessed, with the science behind the growth process of a seed, into a fully grown plant.
For the seed to grow into a healthy adult plant, at a minimum it will need, soil that is rich in the minerals, water and the right amount of sunlight. Simple right? Sometimes not. I have had many a plant die on me, in what I thought were the perfect circumstances, that should have equalled success.
Regardless of that, the general process is as follows.
  • For the seed to ever have the chance at growing, death has to be the first step (wild right)
  • Death in this case is not the end, as in the human state of death, but rather a slow and meticulous process of beginning. Without it, nothing can take place.
  • With the right source of growth aids (food, oxygen, water etc.) cell division will start to take place.
  • Germination is the next process. The seed starts to break open and the plant begins to sprout from it. The planting and sprouting has to happen in the right place, at the right time and the right season. This takes place in the deep dark soil. We only see what the seed will become when it breaks through the ground. It will bear familiar characteristics, and those features will later become more pronounced when it is fully grown.
  • Through photosynthesis, the plant starts to produce its own food, which helps it to further develop its roots and stem until leaves and flowers happen at the end. Depending on the type of plant it will be.
There is more in this process, that will lead us back to step 1,

but just those steps are so poetic in the way they mirror our lives and our process of growth and maturity until we ultimately meet our end.

You may not always see it on the surface, but there is magic happening inside. If you believe it. God is at work, if you allow Him to be. You are growing and changing and evolving and will finally break forth at the right time FOR YOU!!!

Code word is *for you because, just like the seed of an avocado needs a different process to the seed of a tomato, your process won’t look the same as homegirl next to you. Trust that it will happen, at the right time, for you.

And when it does, it will be perfect. Be encouraged.

Lydz xx





Lydz xx

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