Eat well

I’ve decided to eat better.

I remember when I was younger. I was counting down to the time when I’d get to live outside the family home. My plan was, I’d eat all the sweats and chocolates and every other type of junk under the heavens. Drink copious chocolate milkshakes, and fanta orange or grape depending on the mood. Id buy a full chocolate cake, for myself and eat the whole thing for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Id fall asleep in my big girl apartment, with symptoms of severe food coma. I’d wake up a week later and start all over again. Every day would be my birthday. Can you tell I have  major sweet tooth?

And the best part is I would’nt have to share.

I got to live like that for a while.

It was blissful, It was freedom (or so I thought),  and all my wildest dreams come true. Fetus me was proud. But you know there is so much freedom in boundaries.

And then my health and my weight suffered. Not overnight, but very gradually. Never have I felt, as sickly as I did that year first year out of home. I gained over 10 kilos in 6 months y’all, the most my little body could ever handle or I ever thought was possible of gaining.  I got the dream *thiccccc body I wanted, but It wasn’t healthy, It was unhealthy. If you know African culture you know that the fuller female body is king. But things went downhill, fast. I was slow and out of breath and everything hurt and I had heart palpitations, that’s where the worry started.

That was scary.

Losing it was easy because my body doesn’t hold weight. But I learnt lessons about my body I didn’t know I would. Curvy/fuller bodies are beautiful, HEALTHY curvy/fuller bodies. Not bodies that have been forced to become something they were never created to be. And I say this because my body shape is naturally smaller.

Its easier to lose weight than it is to gain, so Its not coming from a hateful place.

ALL healthy bodies are perfect.

A few years later I went vegetarian doing a month vegetarian challenge with a girlfriend. And a first it was about winning the challenge, but when it continued after the month, it changed to just doing the right thing for my body. It has evolved to me just doing it because I love the animals, alive and well, and I’m used to eating vege now. Do I miss meat? No. I miss the ease of finding tasty tings to eat, especially quick food. Sometimes, no love is given to vegetarian/vegan food. I love spice and flavor, and a lot of it lacks, unless you eat something like Thai food everyday. dont be fooled, there is a lot of unhealthy foods hidden under the banner of vegan/vegetarian food. So eat fresh as often as possible (yes you LYDIA).

Even now, I’m still learning what I like. The flavors I prefer, because I am a very picky adult child, but I’m learning to enjoy trying new flavors, and expand my palette as well as cook more for myself. Its easier because with time, the options have grown as the lifestyle becomes more mainstream. So its easier.

I’m going to try to eat better. To eat well.

Lydz xx

Hi this is Lydz. Thank you for reaching this far. Don’t leave without showing some love and I will show some back xx

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