How to holiday when you need a holiday

I wish was still on holiday, and looked like this.
(Cry emoji)

I caught my reflection in the mirror today.
My skin looked tired, my outfit was trying it, my hair was windswept where there was not a single trace of wind, (not in the cute movie way, but in an “I’ve been chased by my neighbors k9”, kind of way).
But my eyes,
Oh sweet heaven and all things on earth, my eyes.
More so, the luggage under said eyes. The literal sunken place, combined with all types of puffiness has made its home there. I am a truly a sight to behold. A scary sight. We can’t be Yonce all the time.
I need a holiday.
The way my life is set up, the prospects of a holiday are a very distant dream. I was wondering why lately, I have been on edge and just irritated by life. I need a rest away from this normalcy I call life. Its never truly rest because Im always rushing to something else.
My sleep is shallow and I haven’t truly enjoyed shut brain in a long time.
But Im not here to complain. Im here to set up a strategy. How to holiday since I won’t be on a real holiday anytime soon, but if someone wants to hook it up, I receive.
(Also, this is a 2am rant)
Introducing exhibit A:
The good old staycation
This time last year, I was in Malaysia. It was beautiful, fb does a good job to remind me of this. This time, Im in my bed, water bottle at my feet, rugged up, and studying for exams.
Miles of worlds apart.
So I have decided, I might have a weekend coming up that I could get free after my finals. This is my plan to staycation.
Set up a budget

If you have been to or lived in this beloved city, you will know the living is expensive. You dollar value goes right down so don’t even compare it to places like our close neighbors in asia. You’ll be sad. For the weekend I’ve decided that $300 is the most Im willing to spend for accommodation. Do it with a friend and it works out cheaper, but Im looking for that me time.

Jump onto airbnb or

When I look at places, there is a vibe that makes me feel like Im on holiday. It has to be out of the city, (bonus because its cheaper). Away from majority of humanity, picturesque, quiet, and have a beautiful range of  outdoor tracks, or beaches or mountains. The place should be clean and light and open and simple and have good views, nothing to fancy. Also if its cheaper than my budget, BONUS! Also near lots of food please. Love to try new food.

Book something

If I’ve found something, I’ll book it. Not my usual way of over thinking it, as I have done on several occasions and thats why I am here. Just book it, figure the logistics out later.

Get there

I’ll be taking the good old train thank you.

Turn off my technology

The whole idea of a holiday to me is off grid and limited conversion for the the most part. Man, technology is the greatest thing but it is also the most draining thing. There is nothing that can’t wait until you get back on Monday. And if there are, limit it to a no social media cleanse and allow texts no calls, unless talking on the phone is good for you. Netflix, eat and lots of chill (sleep) time only.

Zone out for the whole weekend

Brain off, living in the moment mode only. Seriously, the world will survive for 3 day without your input Lydia. God gave you a big brain for a reason. It needs a break too. Turn it off and love on yourself by recalibrating yourself. Journal, read, sleep, walk, swim, daydream, plot, plan and whatever else makes you come back to life again.

Do all of it. 

Just planning this was nice, Now lets hope I follow through.


Lydz xx

Hi this is Lydz. Thank you for reaching this far. Don’t leave without showing some love and I will show some back xx

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