The bridge: 7am

sydney harbour bridge, nude tones

The Sydney harbour bridge.

When I think I haven’t lived my dreams or received answers to prayers, I have to open my eyes and actually look at what is around me.

The bridge.

I am living out the petitions I made years ago. This life is all as a result of  prayers of long time ago. Mind blown is an understatement, and I’m left in awe and with renewed thanksgiving.

The silly story I’ve written below led to this moment. Everything happens for a reason, I have to hold onto that no matter how hard it is sometimes.

sydney harbour bridge, nude tonessydney harbour bridge, nude tones

I was at the bridge a little before 7 on a Friday morning, before a long day of school for a ridiculous reason. True story, I left my favourite sunnies in the bush, and realised it at 1 am in the morning. What was I doing in the bushes I hear you ask?

That’s a tale for another day. The thought of counting my loses and forgetting them, to sleep in before class was high, because in my mind they were long gone.

Long story short, I was awake at 6am and out the door on the quest to get my sunnies back. In my defence they are Quay, and sold out, and so perfect for my face. My hopes were not high, but I wanted to know that I at least tried to find them.

sydney harbour bridge, nude tones

If your’e still reading you are a real one.

I got to the place, and walked around for what seemed like a long time, it wasn’t even 10 minutes. I tried to retrace my steps, but after the first few tries, my heart sank.

They were gone. Sigh.

sydney harbour bridge, nude tonessydney harbour bridge, nude tonessydney harbour bridge, nude tones

I was walking away when I thought, ” I’ve come this far at this crazy time when I have stuff to do to just walk away, might as well look again”. One round later, I found them. Hidden perfectly, like they were waiting for me. I said a little prayer of thanksgiving. So lame but I felt so much childlike joy in that moment. Light was breaking and the sky was so beautiful over the bridge, the glorious bridge. Twice in 1 week I got to behold it from that view. What a blessing.

sydney harbour bridge, nude tonessydney harbour bridge, nude tones

The moral of this pointless story is, in the big and in the small and in the magnificent and in the lame, be thankful. Sometimes it’s the little things that reroute you back to a place of gratitude. Receive them as reminders to say thank you.

Also my bags at the end of that day were the biggest they’ve ever been. Don’t be like me.



Lydz xx

Hi this is Lydz. Thank you for reaching this far. Don’t leave without showing some love and I will show some back xx

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