Contend love

I told you I would love you.

I would make you see that I  love you. And make you know all the ways I did.

On those days that you said it was hard and everything about you was so worthy of being hated, at least that’s what you made yourself believe, on those very days I would smother you with my love.

It would overwhelm you and consume you till it sank into every pore and crevice of your skin.

Until your very being reaked of my affection for you. Until it was all your senses could discern, this love that overpowered you.

When you couldn’t look me in the eyes, I would hold your face in my hand and make you look till you saw, what I saw. Till you saw that despite your feeling of unworthiness, the reflection of you that you would see in the apple of my eyes, would say otherwise.

And when you fought me,

I would fight harder.

In the loneliness, we would wrestle with both of us refusing to let go. A continuation until, the break of a new dawn.

The result, a dislocation.

I would walk away. You limped away. The resolve. Your new name, the old left to die, a new promise.

The rising of a new sun, would bring to you a new perspective.

Could it be that everything I had said to you held some truth to it? , I would see you think to yourself. I didn’t say the things that I said because it was what you needed to hear, I said it because it was what I wanted you to know from me.

You are loved, and so cherished, you are adored. You are delighted over with singing. I want you, and want you to know you’re so needed. You are beautiful, and special and one of a kind, you are you and I love you.

KNOW that.

A story +

Lydz xx

Hi this is Lydz. Thank you for reaching this far. Don’t leave without showing some love and I will show some back xx

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